Wild Movement

by Beach Arabs

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released September 23, 2013

“Wild Movement” was recorded at Radian Studios in Bed-Stuy, Brooklyn in the spring of 2012 & mastered by Daniel James Schlett at Strange Weather Studios. It is out on a limited edition cassette in the U.S. and Europe through Mouca, and is getting a worldwide digital release through Mouca/Acuarela September 23rd, 2013.


The Sound of Confusion

"Yet another band with "Beach" in their title. Can you guess where they're from? The clue isn't in the name, they're another seaside-themed band from Brooklyn. All is not as contrived as it may seem though; Beach Arabs formed at college in 2010, and if you're wondering about the name, it comes from a John Frusciante song called 'Head (Beach Arab)'. Anyone who's heard Mr. Frusciante's solo work will know that it's a darn sight better than the diabolical band he's a part of, so if you're fearing any Red Hot Chili Peppers likenesses here then the results are far from it. 'Wild Movement' is the band's second album and still, happily, feels like a ramshackle combination of fantastic guitar-pop/rock sounds.

That said, we didn't hear the first album and we're told that 'Wild Movement' is more refined than the début. So fans of shambolic lo-fi fun might want to seek out 'Under The Whale'. Beach Arabs know the score when it comes to music like this; they throw in some experimental touches, leave in the odd bum note, keep the songs on display by not hiding them in a cabinet of production, go wherever the music takes them and keep every track somewhere in between the two and four-minute mark. As a result songs like 'Humiliated & Insulted' are all over the shop but this is what gives them their spark. 'Layers Of Caring' doesn't seem to know quite what it is and is all the better for it. 'What happened To Amber' is like a surf band on some very scary drugs and with little control of what they're doing, and you don't really notice the join between that and 'Under The Whale'.

They do hold things together a little better a times, but really their style wouldn't suit perfection. Single 'On The Beach' toys with math-rock, perhaps the guitar genre that requires you to be most precise, and it's actually a joy to hear it done a different way. 'My Son & I' is almost a normal lo-fi indie song, but they can't resist messing about with it a bit, and it's the same story with the grungy 'Big Bang Mountain'. They hit a splendid mid-album run with 'Drifters', a song which may take you back twenty years, then the excellent scuzz-bomb of 'Infinite Flesh' with its changing tempos. 'Abolish Mirrors' has a little something of the college-rock scene about it. To summarise: 'Wild Movement' sounds like a bunch of demos where the band can't even decide on one idea for a song, so they throw a load in, as if to preserve them for future reference and development. Only it's not demos, it's them. It's how they sound, and we like it."

Floorshime Zipper Boots

"Wild Movement is the new album by Brooklyn band Beach Arabs. Released by our friends at Mouca Records, the ten tracks are wonderfully imprecise, with a live feel and a clean rawness. If you've ever been asked by someone uninitiated what post-punk is, then point them to this record. To me this is textbook. Melodic, quirky and wonderful, Beach Arabs, aka Liz Hogg, Nathaniel Sabat and Wyatt Harte, have found the mark and hit it square on. "

Sonic Masala

"About this time last year I gave a little lip service to Brooklyn wonky popheads band Beach Arabs. They finally have a full-length out, also called Wild Movement, and it's jam-packed full of frenetic, off-kilter, sunny concoctions that rock and/or roll. Liz Hogg is a happy amalgam of Screaming Females' Marisa Paternoster and Kim Deal in a dialled-down Breeders mode, whilst Nathaniel Sabat's droll, Lee Ranaldo-esque drawled deliveries offers a poignant counterpoint, two roughies that rub together to make a diamond. The focus remains the manic tempo shifts and Hogg's pitch-perfect noodling however, the math-lite precision (see closer 'Under The Whale') that underpins these lo-fi ramblings and elevates them beyond mere garage also-rans into something more appealing, a whispier Deerhoof, a American slacker take on Trash Kit or an East Coast Raincoats. Not that Beach Arabs are scaling those heady heights just yet - but with Wild Movement, they have at least made it to base camp."



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Beach Arabs New York, New York

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